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   Types of Marine Surveys:                                          Scott Lewis, S.A.
Pre-Purchase (Condition and Value) Survey
This type of survey allows you to make an informed decision when purchasing a vessel. It is the most complete and comprehensive type of survey and is an analysis of the vessels condition, equipment on board, overall operational status, current market value, and replacement cost. These surveys generally include a sea trial and may also include a haul out if deemed necessary. 

Damage Inspections / Survey
In the event that your vessel is damaged,  insurance companies hire professional marine surveyors to serve as their eyes and ears in order assess your claim. Though most insurance companies are fair in replacing covered items, they are also wary of claims of damage which may be unrelated to the alleged incident. This may provide them with grounds to reject your claim in whole or in part. Hiring your own professional surveyor, who will directly represent your own interests, can assist you with the claims process, saving you time and money. Often this arrangement will result in a “joint survey,” in which the marine surveyor for the insurance company(s) meet with your hired representative to accurately assess the damage.

Insurance / Re-Insurance Survey
This type of survey generally focuses on the structural integrity, safety and suitability of a vessel for its intended use and tends not to include many of the "cosmetic" details included in a pre-purchase survey. It does not generally include a sea trial, but in some cases the insurance company may require a haul out and bottom inspection. If you have been asked to provide a survey by your insurance company, make sure you know what they require.